What Our Customers are Saying

"I purchased a license just now and am a very happy camper. Having tested a bunch of other dedicated apps that claim to control window sizes and positions, your trigger function is far and away the most stable and solid performer. It’s pretty much the easiest to use as well. Congrats on what is obviously some very impressive coding under the bonnet."
-- Ron M., Nov 2021
"I've been using DisplayFusion for a while now, and I'm really enjoying the features the pro version offers. It has helped me out a lot, especially with the current times that I have only been facing a computer. I genuinely want to express my gratitude to DisplayFusion. The software has helped me tremendously, especially with my schoolwork and managing things on my pc. I can't really go outside much, so I'm just mostly on my pc all day. I truly owe a lot of things to you guys, especially during these trying times. Thank you DisplayFusion Team."
-- Ryu C., Aug 2021
"v9.8 feels great! It all feels so much more responsive than the last, please give a raise to the Wizard or Witch who did this black magic."
-- Special, May 2021
"If you want even more control, third-party tools like AquaSnap and DisplayFusion can give you plenty more layouts than Windows has built in, plus dozens of customizable shortcuts and other window management features. Both offer limited free versions, though the paid versions are well worth the few bucks for the extra features."
-- Wired.com, Mar 2021
"We think DisplayFusion is worth it. The free version is multilingual, has tons of cool features and you don’t have to spend any money.
It’s pretty clear that the pro edition is better since it offers more features. But DisplayFusion generously offers a 30-day free trial with no credit cards and no strings attached."
"Just wanted to say a quick thank you for your great products. I have purchased TrayStatus, DisplayFusion, and recently FileSeek. I'm very happy with all three products. And being that you're a Canadian company makes it even better."
-- Dave E., Jan 2021
"Tips for using Monitor Profiles to make working with virtual pinball cabinets easier!"
-- Major Frenchy, Dec 2020
"I am not a computer professional but rather a retired businessman who enjoys using a computer to do all kinds of things. I just purchased an Ultrawide monitor to attach to my laptop. After doing some research on the internet about software to handle multiple monitors on the ultrawide, I chose DisplayFusion. Although I have only been using if for about a week, I am very pleased with what it will do.
I did have a couple of issues that I didn’t understand. I sent an email and within 5 to 10 minutes I had a reply from Keith Lammers. I can say that after a couple of days and a few emails, my issues have been solved as far as I can see. More importantly, Keith has assured me that if I have further problems, he will be there to help."
-- Ron B., Jun 2020
"There is one simple recommendation this round, and it is DisplayFusion. The software is actually a toolkit of features surrounding multi-monitor setups. However, thanks to their “Monitor Fading” settings, you can easily set up a hotkey that can fade out all of your additional monitors so your eyes can focus on the primary or any other monitor you select."
"Display Fusion from @BinaryFortress is proving to be one of the best programs I've bought. Most recently, I've discovered its save/load window position. Perfect for dealing with display port monitor shenanigans."
-- @n_pronounceable, Oct 2020
"@BinaryFortress DisplayFusion is such a great tool when working with multiple monitors/windows ! Love it :), tested for 2 minutes and 21 seconds :p and bought it straight @WindowsFrance @microsoftfrance @satyanadella"
-- @Marcpowo, Aug 2020
"I've been using DisplayFusion for a number of years now. I contacted support today about an issue and had a resolution within five (5) minutes! I was thinking I may get a response 'today' but not a resolution within 5 minutes. Great software that makes my life easier when using multiple displays, and great support too."
-- Matt H., Jan 2020
"Still one of the best softwares I ever bought for PC. The multiple monitor management is second to none."
-- @erbkaiser1, Jun 2020
"@JenMsft EVERY DAY, and I love Win+X so much, I installed @BinaryFortress’s Display Fusion as it has an option to display Win+X at the mouse cursor!"
-- @zarchasmpgmr, May 2020
"I rarely do this but, DisplayFusion is amazing!!! I was always annoyed that my windows kept changing sizes or Monitors, especially with a dual monitor setup with 2 different resolutions, or disappointed with the customization functionality of Windows itself. Now I just open up one Windows or press one key combo and everything is where and how it's supposed to be (sizes, placement and transparency of windows). And I can finally choose different directories for my wallpapers and not just one big one so I can sort by type depending on how I feel. This is just me scratching the surface! I'll be exploring to see if I can find more stuff I can use! Thanks for this awesome piece of software!!"
-- Nils J., May 2020
"Years ago, I got DisplayFusion on Steam. It helps a LOT with multiple monitors - and even with just one, it has some nice features. Other products since then were added to my library.
The greatest advantage, though, is that the support seems to not use pre-made texts, but understands that directly responding to your problem saves time for both parties. Every answer I had to this big software with all the many, many features, was answered quickly and in detail. It also seems that critique and feature suggestions are welcome.
All in all great products with a good customer relationship, so to speak!"
-- Alexander E.H., Dec 2019
"BTW, LOVE the product, LOVE your support, LOVE that you added an option for ME (the monitor ID tag)! I’ve told all my nerd herd on Facebook several times about DisplayFusion."
-- Nathaniel R., May 2020
"Truly amazing product! As funny as this sounds – much as when the first iPod came out – I had no appreciation of how badly I needed the functions of DisplayFusion. Before using this product, I simply had not realized how limiting my windows experience truly was, and how significantly it’s improved now. Further, DisplayFusion support is second to none! Your boy Keith has been johnny-on-the-spot with lighting fast, super useful insight. It’s made my experience with DisplayFusion that much more impactful!"
-- Greg B., May 2020
"It's been a while that I bought new software but @BinaryFortress DisplayFusion Pro has been a life saver during this #WFH period."
-- @GeoKonstantinou, May 2020
"Display Fusion is a great at handling applications on multiple monitors ... and the support is first rate."
-- Dan B., Apr 2020
"Three years later and I still absolutely love your product. It is essential for my productivity. Thank you so much."
-- Anthony D., Apr 2020
"I am definitely a person that will let someone know when they fall short in expectations. And, I am also one that will laud someone who deserves it. That being said, I am EXTREMELY impressed with your DisplayFusion product. It works very well, but my favorite part is how flexible and highly customizable it is. I literally chose your product so I could automatically load, size and position the apps I use the most when I am in full developer mode. But now I’m excited just to dig in and see what other cool things I can do with it!
Thanks for having a great product and very responsive customer service. It is the people and companies like yours that make the internet a great place to be and a wonderful place to explore."
-- Kieth B., Mar 2020
"Upgraded the home office to a 3440x1440 ultrawide monitor today. Combined with #DisplayFusion from @BinaryFortress it is soooooo nice to have this extra flexibility depending on what I'm working on!"
-- @CRaiterCBus, Feb 2020
"I’ve been a fan of multi-monitor setups for over a decade, and I’ve been thrilled to see Windows expand its support for them as the releases progress. But if you’re serious about getting productive with your monitor array, DisplayFusion is a must-have addition to your setup."
-- Review Geek, Jun 2019
"I have to take this opportunity as a longtime lurker on the forums to comment on what an insane workhorse you are, and how incredible your work ethic is. Your support content output is so ridiculously prolific that when I have a question regarding DisplayFusion, I don’t search to determine IF you’ve already addressed it as much as to find WHERE you’ve addressed it. (This license key thing was the rare exception where I actually needed individual attention.)
Anyways, I’m sure you already know this, but I felt a duty to reinforce the fact that you are always helping many more people than meets the eye (probably by a factor of 10 or more, in some cases!) even if we are silent and unappreciative most of the time.
Your (and the rest of your engineering team’s) support service is really something else - keep up the great work."
-- Jay W., Jun 2019
"Its clean simple to operate and does exactly what it is supposed to do. I have been using it for longer than I care to remember and speaking as the Ex Senior IT Engineer for Marconi and Paradigm GPT I think Its fair to say I know what I'm talking about. This is a very good program at a very good price - if you have a multi monitor system, its a slam dunk."
-- Keith H., May 2019
"DisplayFusion is by far one of the best apps I have ever used! You guys have really put a lot of thought and effort into the details and flexibility of the functions. Keep up the great work!"
-- Tim C., Oct 2019
"You guys seriously rock. I can count of one hand the software companies that I deal with that provide this level of support, actually listen to their customers about feature requests, and have elegantly designed tools. Binary Fortress is one of those companies. Please let everyone know there, that we are extremely impressed with your company. While it might not matter in the long term, I will recommend your products to everyone I know!"
-- Nathaniel R., May 2019
"Just been meaning to drop a really quick note to say thanks for the great products. I've been using them for some time and find them very helpful, especially DisplayFusion, it's the best of all display managers, in my opinion.
For a small team you guys do a great job and manage to hold your own. Long live your efforts, keep up the good work!"
-- Alan G., Jul 2019
"Your software is awesome, as it has saved me many times in multi monitor set-ups, mirroring the monitors that windows can't even do. Thanks for the hard work that you do and your prompt response!"
-- John V., Jul 2019
"Just wanted to say a big thank you for resolving this issue in the recently released 9.5 update to DisplayFusion. It is rare to even get a response from some companies when raising issue, let alone a fix to the problem and having it as a highlight in the next update! Thank you to you and your team for continuing to create not only great software but a great experience for your customers."
-- Damon, May 2019
"Best darn multi-monitor utility, hands down!!"
-- Thomas B., May 2019
"Our business is supplying customers with high quality multi-screen computers, stands and screens, we are experts in multi-screen computing and I can 100% say that DisplayFusion is the best multi-monitor software available, anywhere.
Having used everything else on the market only DisplayFusion meets our high requirements, it is rock solid stable, easy to use, genuinely useful in many different ways, and has a technical development and support team that is unmatched.
I can’t recommend it enough and myself and our customers enjoy the benefits of DisplayFusion every single day."
"Click the "European Motion Picture Association" link below for a very thorough video walkthrough and review of DisplayFusion!"
"I've had a multi monitor system for about 2.5 years and it is thanks to Display Fusion that I have been able to benefit with their software to have a working model for three monitors. Honestly. whether gaming, a business or, just someone who requires three monitors for home use, this, is the software to beat all other software and moreover they are blessed with an expert support service. Keith is friendly, professional, a genius I think and will go an extra mile to help."
-- Brian S., Mar 2019
"I’ve been hunting for a PC app that will let me save window positions and assign them to hotkeys. I finally found DisplayFusion. Thanks @BinaryFortress for an awesome tool!"
-- @parmly, Jan 2019
"I found a neat tool today for managing multiple, and large format monitors. Check out DisplayFusion by @BinaryFortress - lots of great macros and flexible tools for creating HUDs or workflows!"
-- @alexkidd1, Jan 2019
"I downloaded DisplayFusion over the weekend and absolutely love it! I use a multi-monitor display with a very particular window layout on Windows 10. I like that the windows snap to each other and also really enjoy the multiple task bars and ability to save the overall window layout.
Thank you so much! I'm already finding DisplayFusion makes using my computer so much more enjoyable, knowing everything is organized on my screens precisely how I want it. Great product!"
-- Nathan R., Jan 2019
"So @BinaryFortress DisplayFusion makes using a 4k monitor with a 1080p so much nicer with the ability to stop the cursor being caught on the edges of the 4k. Highly recommend if you're mixing resolutions."
-- @stormy_prime, Jan 2019
"In the end this software ended up working out great. Thank you to Keith Lammers and the rest of their support team for helping me work out the tweaks necessary to get this working in my multi-location multi-monitor setups."
-- VON, Nov 2018
"I have been trialing DisplayFusion software all week. In addition, I have been trialing similar applications from other manufacturers.
I have a very large 4K monitor (which replaced my no longer usable multiple monitors) and wanted to split the screens a specific way for maximum productivity. In my business, it is imperative for me to be able to switch between applications, resize the windows, and have them configured in a very specific way. I usually have about 10 windows open at any given time and require very combinations that allow me to work efficiently between them.
DisplayFusion most certainly meets my needs. In all honesty, all other software I trialed (and there were a number) paled by comparison to what DisplayFusion offers. Most similar software was specifically for multiple monitors, but yours includes amazing options for single monitors as well, saving of configurations and much more.
Thank you so much for giving me a boost in my productivity. And thank you for your constant support and updates of this amazing software. I look forward to being a lifelong customer."
-- Alexandria C., Jul 2018
"I'd like to commend you on your tireless commitment to this project and helping those in need.
Anytime I've searched an issue (mostly on the DF forums) every question is instantly followed up with a attempted solution from you directly.
Having searched many a product forum, only to have a generic response from the rep, your willingness to help any and every individual is very refreshing."
-- Vyvanse, Nov 2018
"If you work with two screens on Windows i really recommend working with @BinaryFortress es Display fusion - great tool! #LIfeHack"
-- @Indie_Advisor, Nov 2018
"You guys are the greatest -- hands-down the best customer service I've experienced from any company, in any industry. Ever. I'm going to recommend your product to anyone who will listen. Thanks again!"
-- Brenda G., Nov 2018
"I want to say I've been using DF Pro 9.4 Beta 3 for a few weeks now and I LOVE it!!! I've had a license for a few years, but really wanted it to do Window Management. Now that you've included it, I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have! It's been ultra reliable as well, even though you list it as a Beta. One keyboard shortcut and everything is where I want it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"
-- Eric S., Oct 2018
"I'm so glad I came across this software. I have a 2 monitor setup but programs were not opening on the monitor I wanted, they would always default back to Monitor 1. This software fixed this issue with ease. Also when I used to click on monitor 2 any game that was open on monitor 1 would minimise, yep you guessed it, this software fixed that as well. It has a ton of other features that I have not used yet, but worth the money for just the 2 things it has fixed. Also support from the dev is fantastic. Big thumbs up from me :)"
-- Murraymint, Oct 2018
"Used it for about a month now, a must have for multimonitor setups. Try the 30 day free trial and see for yourself."
-- Howgii, Aug 2018
"I've been a long term DisplayFusion user for many years now. It has solved problems for me, worked around windows issues, and provided excellent backdrop randomization. I'm an amateur sports photographer and use my own images. I just switched to a 4k 4k 4k monitor setup and although I still have issues with the way Windows handles high dpi and multiple monitors, DisplayFusion has been great for setting up customizations. I'm thoroughly spoiled with my mouse wheel right/left actions tossing windows to another screen. I've run betas often and found DisplayFusion to be rock solid in comparison to almost any other app. Not that it hasn't crashed once in a while, but never consistently. As a software developer myself, I rather love the constant feature creep making such a rich product.
All of that said, I really respect the eternal license model and can't stand when companies shift from eternal. Textpad as an example recently did this and I didn't pay up. DisplayFusion is my most depended-upon piece of software and I thought I'd do the reverse, so I've purchased a second Pro Personal license even though I don't have to. Have a beer on me."
-- Sean M., Dec 2017
"I’ve been using DisplayFusion since 2011. I work for a small nonprofit that has no internal IT expert support, so I’m on my own most of the time. On a half dozen occasions, something funky has happened to my three monitors, especially after a Windows® upgrade. Every time I’ve reached out to the Binary Fortress Software/DisplayFusion (DF) team for help, they had the answer to me within 24 hours.
This past week, I entered the wrong combination of keystrokes to insert a footnote in a word processing document. Unbeknownst to me at first, the two monitors I wasn’t looking at had become dim, as if they went into some sort of power-saving mode. If I moved my cursor to one of the dimmed monitors and clicked on something, it came back to life and the other monitor went dim.
I had no clue what I did. By the time I realized I had a problem, it was at least 10 minutes after the footnote keystroke mistake, so I wasn’t able to make the connection between the monitor dimming and the footnote keystrokes. I spent an hour trying to figure out what I did.
Then I e-mailed the DF team and I had an answer within an hour. My wrong combination of keystrokes accidentally activated the monitor “fading” feature. The DF team e-mailed me easy-to-follow instructions to disable the fading feature. My nightmare was over.
The DisplayFusion team is composed of a great group of people. Those people and their terrific software allow me to be more efficient at work."
-- Christine D., May 2018
"Many thanks for both the excellent support and a superlative program. And to think I mainly bought it just so I could have a taskbar on both of my monitors. It is one of the best utilities I have ever bought and considering the number I have acquired over the years, that is saying something."
-- Guy S., Feb 2018
"Ultrawide Monitor Tips 2.0! Improved Windows Management with DisplayFusion"
-- David Zhang, Feb 2018
"It's amazing that I originally bought this program just so my wallpaper would stop getting screwed up by windows, and I'm still finding great things it can do. Keep up the great work :)"
-- Peter M., Jan 2018
"I've been tinkering around with a neat bit of software called DisplayFusion by @BinaryFortress It's a great tool that has sorted out some of the little niggles I had with using multi-monitor setup :)"
-- @BoxmanZ_TV, Dec 2017
"Thank you again... your work and attention to detail and customer service is outstanding."
-- Steven B., Nov 2017
"I've been loving DisplayFusion a lot. I'll have to download it on my old laptop, since you have so many useful hotkeys in DisplayFusion that it's even useful without a 2nd monitor."
-- Eelis M., Oct 2017
"Depuis des années, les cartes graphiques gèrent le multi-écran. Avec l’arrivée de cet avantage pour travailler, il est maintenant fréquent de voir un PC avec au moins 2 écrans PC ou chez soi avec un écran PC et la télé pour y regarder ses films ou séries…"
-- Cachem, Oct 2017
"I'm pleased to discover DisplayFusion 9 has implemented 'Monitor Fading', an elegant solution for my request for turning off selected monitors to watch movies on a secondary monitor. Keep up the good work! DF rocks!"
-- Tom Taborda, Oct 2017
"Ultrawide Monitors Tips! A Better Way to Use Them - DisplayFusion Windows Management"
-- David Zhang, Jul 2017
"Just purchased DisplayFusion and LogFusion by @BinaryFortress. Windows 7 doesn't heart so much now on multi-monitor setup. Recommended!!"
-- @planetcall, Jul 2017
"I was going to do the trial period first, but within minutes I could see it was a great help for my dual monitor system, so I picked up a Pro Personal license. Greatly helpful software!"
-- Adam M., Aug 2016
"Multiple monitors make things a lot easier right out of the gate—but you don’t have to stop there. You can set different wallpapers for each monitor, either through a hidden feature in Windows, or using a third-party tool like the DisplayFusion..."
"Honestly love your company's support. Have seen what you do online for users and after this personal experience I only have great things to say."
-- Mike B., Mar 2017
"@Sorujin @BinaryFortress multiple monitors without it is a horror show"
-- @darkestkale, Mar 2017
"@Sorujin @BinaryFortress +1 here. What a fantastic tool!"
-- @heyot6, Mar 2017
"Being straight honest, @BinaryFortress's DisplayFusion is probably the best program of all time."
-- @Sorujin, Mar 2017
"I have been using DisplayFusion for many years now and I can only say wonderful things about this program. Honestly, there are no “cons” that come immediately to mind. It not only manages your multi-monitor setup to perfection, but gives you many features that you might not otherwise expect in this focused type of software..."
"Man, so far my favorite piece of utility software I've bought in most recent years has been DisplayFusion. @BinaryFortress. Custom Scripts3"
-- @TheFrex, Feb 2017
"@BinaryFortress DisplayFusion is great. Thanks"
-- @mapiasal, Jan 2017
"BTW I bought the Pro version, not only because of the powerful and useful
program, but also because of your support."
-- Wouter S., Dec 2016
"I just wanted to let you know that DisplayFusion has been a great addition to my computing experience. Having the ability to use two screens and have them like you want is great. Keep up the good work."
-- Charlie B., Dec 2016
"I just want to say, this is one of the best apps I've ever purchased. I use it on a daily basis. It is highly customizable, super functional, incredibly un-buggy considering what it has to do. And it even integrates with 3rd party start menus! I wish I could sell this for you guys. It is a seriously awesome app."
-- David H., Dec 2016
"I have to say this, your company and your attention to detail is second to none.
I mean honestly, look at the age of this ticket. I write this back in July 2014 and you answered it as best you could almost immediately.
Now here it is 2016, almost 2017 and what did you do? Instead of like most companies and delete it or get rid of it, someone took the time to respond to this and let me know that something was fixed.
I am just in awe at the attention to detail and caring you give your customers. I would place you even above Amazon (and I think Amazon goes a long way to help) when it comes to customer care.
Thank you again for everything. I will always tell everyone to get your product. This is just another reason why."
-- Jac T., Nov 2016
"I continue to be impressed with the quantity and quality of the ongoing updates to DisplayFusion. You guys have an amazing and conscientious team that just keeps making a great program better. When I bought the Pro version years ago, I never dreamed that it’d be so powerful and something I relied upon so much. The way DisplayFusion just keeps growing and changing is wonderful and appreciated."
-- Glenn H., Oct 2016
"I absolutely love DisplayFusion Pro as it is such a powerful application to simplify using a multiple monitor setup."
"Thank you for a fast response. I have to say you guys provide one of the best and nicest support services out there!"
-- Bartosz B., Jan 2016
"@CMDRHughMann a must have is 'Display fusion' @BinaryFortress or similar program when having 1+ screens :)"
-- @_Cnuut_, Sep 2016
"Perfect! Thanks for the prompt, perfect support.
P.S. You can quote me."
-- Theresa d.V., Aug 2016
"I am very impressed by your customer service! These days there are very few places where you can get something resolved in one day. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you help!"
-- Tammie K., May 2016
"Speaking of multiple monitor setups, I can't recommend @BinaryFortress' DisplayFusion enough, folks."
-- @scythemouse, Oct 2015
"Random reminder that DisplayFusion from @BinaryFortress is a wonder if Windows' crap display management system drives you nuts."
-- @PXAbstraction, Jul 2016
"Works great!! Thanks so much. Honestly the reason I talk about this app, is because I'm so impressed with it, and you did it again! This is probably one of the best windows apps I've ever used!"
-- Andrew P., Oct 2015
"I don't use social media much and just wanted to let your team know that you have an amazing product. I have been using DisplayFusion since 2013 I think and have never looked back - I do try to let my friends know whenever possible. DisplayFusion enables me to set up my computer how I like without much hassle – in fact it has more options than expected! The software has been stable since the day I installed it so it is nice not having to worry about it.. it’s the one constant thing on all of my computers that I can count on, even when they are Win 7, 8 and 10 builds. To coin an old infomercial, you basically just “set it and forget it”."
-- Martin R., Sep 2015
"@BinaryFortress Finally purchased DisplayFusion through Steam. What an awesome product! Wish I had sooner."
-- @Fizzrate, Sep 2015
"I love DisplayFusion and its keyboard shortcut abilities for window management #Desktop #Efficiency"
-- @devghost, Sep 2015
"I have grown to absolutely LOVE this program! Thanks for developing something that is so intuitive and capable. I use a large 42 cad monitor with 17 menu monitor and a standard 24 for programs, and its easy!
Thanks again - I've already recommended it to 3 other architects."
-- Jim B., Sep 2015
"I find it amazing how you can keep coming up with new ideas like the blur effect. I thought it was great that Microsoft finally came up with a task bar for each monitor in windows 10. I tried it out, it lasted almost a full minute before I went back to Display Fusion. Great product and excellent support from Keith. Thanks Keith for all your help over the years and thanks to everyone at Binary Fortress for such a great product."
-- Mark, Sep 2015
"I upgraded to Windows 10 two weeks ago. I was on Windows 7 and using DisplayFusion and very happy with what it offered. Since Windows 10 has some nice dual monitor support I almost decided not to use DisplayFusion again.
But after 2 weeks, while Windows 10 allows a taskbar on each monitor and has better integration (it allows to move Windows Win+Shift+Arrow to other monitors) as well as resizing and snapping them with shortcuts, there were some things annoying me. Hitting the Win key always opened the menu in the main monitor, not the current one. I also missed the ability to middle-click on application titlebars to send them to other monitors and I could not pin apps to taskbars on the extended monitors.
Windows 10 is better but still not great for multi-monitor users (I have 4). I installed DisplayFusion and I'm happy to see that I can still use all the native Windows shortcuts for Windows, so DisplayFusion is not messing with anything or removing features, but adding more things on top of what you already have in Windows 10. It's a win, win situation."
-- Volker, Aug 2015
"For the multiple monitor trader set. I use DisplayFusion from @BinaryFortress to tame the beasts. Used it today so it came to mind."
-- @DigStic, Sep 2016
"All I want to say is Thank You, the developers and community.
I came to forums to ask if there was a way to do exactly this sort of thing. And I found this thread.
Stupid me, I have completely forgotten, that DisplayFusion let's you code your own functions, in c# no less (my favorite language). Now that I think about it, I remember it was one if not the most important things that I liked, when I bought the software. Or rather I was deciding, if I want to try it out, because I have bought and went through the most of the popular monitor managers over the years and I was tired of switching and learning ins and outs of another one, all over again. But when I saw custom functions in c#, I remember buying right then and there. The funny thing is, I was probably busy to play with it straight away, so I didn't. And then I completely forgot about it.
Anyway. What can I say more: although it's was the first time of me messing with it - it took me all but 10 minutes. Downloaded both scripts from the Keith and DS. using them as example, just made the changes to suit me. DS, thanks for the colors - very nice and very handy to differentiate between the "groups" of functions, and the "close" functionality.
Between that, and the most user-friendly "in-built" scripting GUI, with the debugger (verify), in 10 minutes I had exactly what I came here for and works like a charm.
Once again, to the devs of DisplayFusion - thank You. I have many times used DisplayFusion as an example of superb software at an awesome price and with very reasonable licence options. Now I feel, like I have even better reasons for keep using it it as an example, for how software should be done and priced. Kudos!"
-- cryodream, Jun 2016
"DisplayFusion is among my essential programs and one of the first that I consider putting on any new computer, especially when I know I'll be using multiple monitors. (I'll even use it when I know I'll just be dealing with one monitor; its wallpaper features are just too good!)"
-- Jacob G., Feb 2016
"It's a real life-saver, it makes work much easier to organize and integrates perfectly with Windows. Have been using it for a long while now and I can't imagine working without it anymore. A must-have! :)"
-- Shere Khan, Nov 2015
"@BinaryFortress Love DisplayFusion. Thanks for such an awesome product."
-- @McAllistron, Sep 2015
"DisplayFusion é um programa obrigatório pra quem tem dois monitores."
-- @PedroRND, Jul 2015
"Really like the updates, specifically, the option to force a taskbar shortcut to launch on the monitor it's started from. I'm very glad I made the purchase of DisplayFusion, and look forward to future enhancements and improvements. Encouraging the development team to keep the great work going forward, and giving you my thanks."
-- Craig M., Jul 2015
"@BinaryFortress greatest tool in ages... thank you!"
-- @DontsayNoJust1c, Jul 2015
"Just discovered @BinaryFortress #DisplayFusion. Working with two monitors during #PhD, and DisplayFusion has made doing so, so efficient!"
-- @anthromusings, Jul 2015
"I had occasion to reach out for support to the team at @BinaryFortress and they were AMAZING! Great customer support! Buy their products!!"
-- @JonTHRASHER, Jul 2015
"I just want to add that I am a huge fan of your software. I use my PC for everything from media center, gaming, and work. DisplayFusion seriously makes my life much easier. The dual taskbar alone is absolutely worth the price of admission for upgrading to pro."
-- Brian Z., Mar 2016
"I went from trial to "Shut up and take my money" within 5 minutes. Brilliant application and exactly what I needed. Well done!"
-- Jeroen van K., Mar 2016
"After 40 yrs in computing, if you can believe it, I finally added a 2nd monitor and now wonder why I didn’t do that years ago. But the first thing I realized was a huge void in control with just Windows built-in controls for multiple monitors. Display Fusion Pro filled that void and a whole lot more for me, so I was really pleased to find such a great product. I will recommend the product to others (actually already have) and will continue to do so."
-- Rick W., Feb 2016